About E&S


E&S Heating & Ventilation Ltd has been operating since 1972 providing ductwork contracting services to the construction industry, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of ductwork manufacturing technology and investment. We offer galvanised, Flameshield fire rated and stainless steel ductwork manufacture, associated equipment selection along with procurement, installation, insulation, testing and commissioning for air handling systems.


E&S has the capability of offering a complete airside package direct to management and main building contractors, as well as the traditional sub-contract to services contractors.

We are licensed to offer Flameshield, a market-leading fire rated ductwork system.

Responding to the needs of our clients is a fundamental part of E&S’s philosophy. The service we provide is comprehensive, innovative and flexible. Our engineers can understand and anticipate the client’s changing requirements and, working closely with the client, we are able to offer innovative ideas and solutions based on our many years of experience in the ductwork industry. With a firm commitment to training, technology and continuous improvement, E&S strives to achieve the best engineering solution whilst maintaining consistently high standards of manufacture and installation.



Our Core Values



E&S Heating & Ventilation Ltd is committed to continual improvement of our environmental performance. We are conscious that we have an impact on our environment both during our works and then during the life of the project, our CGF ductwork reduces leakage and if considered early enough in the design, smaller plant can be selected.  The Flameshield fire rated ductwork is manufactured without the need for coating and is therefore more sustainable.

We minimise our environmental impact by setting clear objectives and regularly monitoring our performance against them. We aim to ensure that the environmental impact of our activities is as low as practically and economically possible.

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E&S Heating & Ventilation Ltd is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement.  The provision of high quality ductwork is a key factor of our whole team for each and every project. Our responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and measurements, the level of quality at E&S matches or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

At E&S we are committed to ensuring that our customers’ requirements are fully understood and are courteously and appropriately satisfied by providing the right solution.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

E&S Heating & Ventilation Ltd actively support and get involved in our projects’ CSR agendas; we support several local schools in their projects and competitions.

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Health & Safety

Ensuring the health & safety of our employees is at the heart of how we work at E&S Heating & Ventilation. We believe that both our manufacturing and installation activities must be carried out in a safe way thereby insuring the health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and members of the public.

We are all responsible for the day to day safety of ourselves and those we work with, however overall responsibility sits within the management team. Like all our other systems the key to great safety performance is a continuous improvement culture challenging old practices and looking for new and better safer ways to work.

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Training & Development

E&S Heating & Ventilation Ltd views the training and development of its staff as fundamental to the future of our business and a key to success. We are fully committed to supporting the continuous learning and development of our people and employing and developing a workforce that reflects the diverse society in which we live.

For our site team, we recognise the importance of formal skills certification. Our site supervisors all hold as a minimum NVQ Level 3 in ductwork installation, SSSTS, IPAF, PASMA, First Aid at Work and various manual handling equipment certifications. We insist 100% CSCS skillcard standard for both our own directly employed team and our subcontract labour providers.

We are keen to develop the skills of our technical and commercial teams and recognise the importance of both structured learning and on-the-job training.