E&S take to the pitch to put core values to the test


4 teams from E&S recently took part in a 5 aside football tournament … with a twist! On Thursday 18 June, the teams were allocated one of the company’s core values and challenged to play in this way.

The teams played a number of games and, when they weren’t playing, observed their colleagues on other teams and noted examples of when the team were, and weren’t, playing as their team name indicated. Director of Operations and Finance, Anna Shephard, kept a watchful eye on proceedings and had the honour of awarding wild card points to the team she thought displayed their core values best.

Once play was over, the scores from the games were totted up and an initial leaderboard established, which had Team Professional as the leaders. However, once the wild card points were distributed, this led to a change in the leaderboard, with Team Dynamic coming out on top.

The teams then had the opportunity to discuss how the positive core value behaviours noted on the pitch could translate to the workplace.

This session is part on an ongoing project to develop the organisation’s core values and identify key behaviours.

Thanks to Nicky, Darren and Steward at McCrudden Training for a fun and informative afternoon!

Stuart Mack