NEW PROJECT WIN: Brighton 3T’s


Client: Laing O’Rourke

Value: £5m

Programme: 18 months

Consultant: BDP


E&S are proud to announce that we will be working on the new Brighton 3T’s hospital redevelopment. The Royal Sussex County Hospital is undergoing a £485 million programme to replace all the buildings on the front of the main hospital site. The programme is called the ‘3Ts redevelopment’, which reflects the hospital’s role in teaching, trauma and tertiary care.


The new build hospital will serve the Brighton area following demolition of the existing building 11 storey building.


A highly congested site in the residential area creates a variety of logistical challenges that we are looking forward to overcoming in the next 18 months


The work will happen in three stages and take nine years to complete. When finished there will be two new clinical buildings covering the front half of the hospital site. More than forty wards and departments will move into the new buildings.


Stage 1: Jan 2016 to winter 2020


The Stage 1 Building will be built on the south east quarter of the hospital.  It will replace the wards and departments of the Barry Building which is the oldest inpatient ward block in England. It opened its doors 20 years before Florence Nightingale started nursing.


At the same time a helideck will be constructed on the top of the Thomas Kemp Tower. This will be used to move the most severely injured and unwell patients.


Stage 2: winter 2020 to winter 2023


The Stage 2 Building will take up the south west quarter of the site. It will house the new and expanded Sussex Cancer Centre.


Stage 3: winter 2023 to winter 2024


The third stage will be a new delivery and service area to improve site management.

Stuart Mack