Precision Ductwork

E&S Heating & Ventilation Ltd  are very proud of our in house manufacturing capability across the range of our product portfolio. Our factory, in East Sussex, manufactures uniquely for our business and we produce all of the sheet metal ductwork requirements for our projects.


Galvanised Ductwork

Since 2000, we have employed an innovative system which allows straight ductwork sections and fittings to be produced with a continuous girth flange formed from the parent material of the duct itself. The inherent strength of the flange gives the full range within DW144 of J2-J6, all with BSRIA certification. Non-piercing technology enables metal-to-metal joints to be achieved with zero leakage without the use of sealants or degradation of the galvanising on the sheet steel, which occurs using other methods such as spot welding. In addition, the smooth internal surface of the duct reduces the areas for bacteria to thrive.

This enables us to guarantee 50% of permitted leakage on low-pressure and 75% of permitted leakage on medium-pressure installed systems against the standard allowances set out in the HVCA DW/144 publication, conserving fuel and power and allowing better sustainability of the ductwork systems. This, together with the reduction in raw materials used, reduces the environmental impact of our activities as much as practically and economically possible, both now and over the years to come.

Our manufacturing operation is set up to minimise activities on site, ensuring a quick and efficient installation. We are able to reduce the number of deliveries to the site as our ductwork is prefabricated using interconnected flanges bolted together using a four-bolt system. We ensure that all items such as support rods and bearers are pre-cut in the factory and delivered to site with all other components as a complete package.

At E&S, we have the technology and ability to provide ductwork systems outside of the pressure ranges within DW144, examples of which are extract systems designed with a negative pressure or up to 2000pa, 750pa being the maximum in DW144.

Fire Rated Ductwork

E&S Heating and Ventilation are a licensee of Flameshield fire rated ductwork and can provide both BS and EN fire rated solutions. Flameshield fire rated ductwork is fully compliant with BS EN 1366 Parts 1, 8 & 9. Flameshield Fireduct is a unique, non-coated, fire rated ductwork fabricated from galvanised sheet steel on dedicated, state-of-the-art equipment.

The Flameshield Fireduct system has been fully tested under fire conditions and has successfully achieved EN 1366 Parts 1 & 8 and EN 13501-3 A standards, alongside BS 476 Part 24 and ISO 6944 (1985). The Flameshield Fireduct system is listed in the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and is a certified fire safety product in the specifiers bible ‘The Red Book Live’.

Fully approved by local authority building control officers, consultants and building’s insurers, Flameshield Fireduct is manufactured in compliance with the FPC quality control plan and is installed by certified contractors under the LPS 1531 installer scheme. Our products are certified to BS.EN. 15871 and BS.EN. 12107, as per the CPR/ harmonisation program which became law and superseded British Standards on July 1st 2013.

The unique fabrication process for Flameshield Fireduct has many distinct benefits which include:

  • Quick to manufacture and install due to no need for the application of external coating

  • More environmental friendly, vs a coated solution - at least six production processes are eliminated

  • Handles internal and external heat - gas temperatures in excess of 1100 degrees C

The Flameshield Fireduct system is suitable for all ventilation and extraction systems where 2 or 4 hours fire resistance is required by the building codes and standards.

Flameshield Fireduct is fully authorised for use in the following areas:

  • Kitchen Extraction Systems

  • Smoke Extraction Systems

  • Car Park Extraction Systems

  • Stair Pressurisation Systems

  • Ventilation Systems

  • Passive Ventilation

E&S have in excess of 10 years dedicated experience in the manufacture and provision of fire rated ductwork solutions using the Flameshield Product.  We have installed Flameshield within major hospital facilities, numerous office developments, Crossrail Stations, Shopping Centres and research facilities.  Our team can support and advise on your fire rated requirements and assist with value engineering whilst maintaining compliance with Building Regulations.


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Stainless Services

Stainless steel is a specialist product used primarily in laboratory, pharmaceutical, process and nuclear settings.

E&S Heating & Ventilation Ltd (E&S) are experienced high volume manufacturers of gas tight stainless steel ductwork, and our dedicated stainless steel fabrication bay has recently undergone significant investment, including high definition plasma cutter and automated welding machinery.

We have refined our manufacturing process to achieve an exceptionally high standard of quality by focusing on automation.  Those ductwork components that can’t be welded by machine are welded by our highly skilled team of welders.

Due to the sensitive nature of these markets, we are unable to share specific project details online. However for further information please contact us.

Further Services